We do the heavy lifting for you!
We know teachers have more than a full plate. Our team believes you can achieve greater success in the classroom if given the opportunity and proper tools.
An assessment tool based on CASEL's five social emotional competencies, the SiLAS screener provides educators with vital information provided by parents, teachers and students separately. This collection of baseline performance data is the most effective way to evaluate each student and meet them at their instructional level.
Pre-Made Lessons
Over 170 CASEL aligned SEL lesson plans allow educators the opportunity to focus on the content, delivery and impact of the material (See Full SEL Scope).
Accompanying our SEL curriculum is our Vocational/Transition component. Success in the real world requires a variety of life skills (See Full Transitional/Vocational Scope).
Pre-Made Movies
SiLAS has short skill-specific animated movies that engage students while teaching important life skills.
Simulation Software
Students "STAR" in their own social emotional movies! These movies provide students the opportunity to apply learned skills in real-life familiar situations.
Parent Connection
The school-to-home connection provides parents current information regarding instruction. This communication tool shares the in-school experience and provides parents with activities and skills to integrate in the home.
Immersive Reader
For instruction of any kind to be impactful, the material must be accessible to all learners. SiLAS has this covered with Microsoft's Immersive Reader (IR) accessibility tool. This tool's functions include screen reading capabilities, ability to adjust text features (size, color, background, etc.), BoardMaker Images, and parts of speech identification. Just as powerful, IR has the ability to translate lessons and site content into over 70 languages. This component helps to provide access to students and parents with English as a second language.

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