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Research-Based SEL Curriculum and Simulation Software
for Special Education, General Education & Transition Aged Students.

About SiLAS
We're teachers who needed a better way to improve our students’ social and emotional learning, so we made a simulation software that has its own research-based curriculum. Meet SiLAS! Our socially interactive learning avatar software (SiLAS) can be used in class, virtually, or as a hybrid tool, and is designed to meet the needs of general education, special education, and transition-aged students. SiLAS’ curriculum is enhanced by Microsoft Learning Tools.
Who Benefits?


  • Proven Effective for All Ability Levels
  • Engaging Real-Time Animation
  • Avatars Make Modeling SEL FUN!
  • Can Be Translated in Over 60 Languages


  • Pre-Made Lesson Plans
  • Pre-Made SEL Videos
  • Aligns with MTSS Framework
  • Incorporates CASEL's Five Social Competencies
  • Embedded Evidence Based Practices
  • Click Here for Sample Lesson



  • Meets State and Federal Mandates for ESSA
  • Research Based Curriculum
  • Breakthrough Technology
  • Fosters Positive School Culture
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