Improve social skills. Improve life outcomes.

Students are motivated to socialize, parents see real-world carryover in their children, and schools receive data-driven instruction

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SiLAS is a simple four-step process...
Write a Script
The teacher determines the type of interaction they want the student to work on. For example, a teacher might ask students to create a video on how they might initiate conversations in the cafeteria, while incorporating appropriate emotions.
Act It Out
The students select avatars that represent them, the proper background, then create and record a real time animated video.
With the teacher, the student can revise and iterate their video to model a constructive interaction.
Share Movies
Watch, review, and share movies with stakeholders and guardians. Click Here to see student created movies.
The Platform
K-12 Curriculum
The program includes three levels of social skills and vocational curriculums. SiLAS is also flexible to meet the needs of your curriculum.
Students can choose from 20 emotion-expressing avatars that best represent them to make a movie.
The avatars are controlled by video-game controllers and headset microphones, resembling a student's favorite video game!
The software tracks teacher assessments on a variety of student performance metrics and associates them with each movie a student creates.
SiLAS provided our students an innovative way to learn social skills which are challenging for our students to acquire. It provided our students a way to blend technology with real life practice of skills such as facing the speaker during a conversation, increasing conversational exchanges, and lengthen the time students were able to engage in cooperative play.

- Cindy Borell, Supervisor, Bright Beginnings Learning Center
Cindy Borell, Supervisor, Bright Beginnings Learning Center
SiLAS is the most effective, versatile tool in my speech/language therapy toolbox. I have implemented the program with success during individual and group therapy sessions with children of all ages and skill levels. The children are motivated to learn new skills using SiLAS, which, in turn, has resulted in progress that is noted by both families and professionals alike.

- Shaylyn Stilwell, Speech-Language Pathologist
Shayln Stilwel
Comparing SiLAS with a paper-and-pencil social skills class, I found that SiLAS resulted in far greater improvement in social skills. Not only did SiLAS parents observe improved social skills in their children, but were also far more satisfied with the skills their children learned.

- Amy Freyberger, Researcher at Princeton University
Amy Freyberger
Program Foundations
SiLAS Incorporates NSP2 Established Interventions
A variety of behavioral interventions are incorporated in the curriculum and reinforced using the SiLAS software.
SiLAS avatars are able to express a variety of emotions while students are role-playing. These visual clues are the center of curriculum surrounding emotional response and management.
SiLAS allows practitioners to create videos demonstrating target behaviors as well as have students demonstrate these behaviors through their avatar.
Students work collaboratively to create appropriate social scripts then act them out on the same laptop through the software to create an awesome social animation!
Social scene scripting is a core part of the SiLAS curriculum and is used in conjunction with the other principles listed.
Students can work independently to identify how to make the highest-quality social animation. SiLAS records interactions so that students can watch their movies back for feedback.
The SiLAS curriculum is focused on a large range of social skills.
Students are able to write stories surrounding the social scenes they create with SiLAS.
Improve your students' outcomes, ready to see how?
See SiLAS in Action

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