SEL and Behavior Solutions
for ALL Practitioners and Students

Engaging solutions to meet the Social Emotional and
Behavioral needs of students in K-12 general, special, and
transition vocational education programs
Recognized By The Leaders in Education and Technology

Easy to implement
online solutions

providing educators with easy to implement curriculum and
activities in a setting for tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 interventions
CASEL-aligned SEL Screener for all stakeholders
200+ CASEL-aligned lessons for all tiers of learning
A focused curriculum using modern behavioral learning theory to modify behaviors
Teach children to: plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and multi-task
Curriculum that helps students transition from the classroom to the real world

Make everything
easy using SILAS

A comprehensive online suite offering one of a kind solutions for Educators, Parents/Guardians, and Students
Data Collection
Information gathering for student, class, school, grade, district
Technology Agnostic
Browser based; works on all devices (laptop, desktop, iPad, chromebook)
Home Connection
Featuring at-home extension lessons
Research and evidence-based curriculum built on social narratives
Movie-Making Platform
Engaging, virtual movie-making platform for students
Archive Data
Student data that is stored school year to school year (teacher to teacher).

Don’t just take our
word for it

Hear what educators around the country are
saying about SILAS
SILAS provided our students an innovative way to learn social skills which are challenging for our students to acquire. It provided our students a way to blend technology with real life practice of skills such as facing the speaker during a conversation, increasing conversational exchanges, and lengthen the time students were able to engage in cooperative play.

- Cindy Borell, Supervisor, Bright Beginnings Learning Center
Cindy Borell, Supervisor, Bright Beginnings Learning Center
My students love creating and watching their videos. We finally have an engaging and fun way to talk about and practice social skills!

-Heather Hiple, Huntington ISD
Heather Hiple

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