ABA-Based Instruction

Taking traditional instruction to transformational. ABA via the SILAS platform promotes generalization of social skills across multiple settings, promotes independence, and encourages confidence.

ABA is changing
SILAS can help

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is becoming less restrictive. The SILAS program allows students to generalize skills in a new way.
Promotes Generalization
Students will be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills in different environments within the SILAS platform
Sequential Instruction
Curriculum builds upon previously acquired skills and transitions seamlessly into SEL and Vocational Curricula in SiLAS
Promotes Socialization
Can be used as an independent activity or as a social exchange between peers


Formative rating scale that allows the teacher to zoom in on a starting point within the curriculum
Engaging Platform
Students generalize learned skills by making fun animated movies
Successive Skill Development
Curriculum allows student to level up as their skills improve, ultimately progressing from ABA into basic SEL skill development

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