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Our Team

Below are some of the key personnel that made and continue to make this product what it is today.
Christopher Dudick, Founder & CEO
Christopher Dudick
Founder & CEO
Bernadette Mullen, Curriculum Director
Dr. Bernadette Mullen
Lead Researcher
Erik Guilfoyle, CTO
Erik Guilfoyle
Abe Maldonado, Head of Diversity
Abe Maldonado
Head of Diversity
Chris Aviles, CIO
Chris Aviles
Jerome Cohen, CBO
Jerome Cohen
Frank LeCates, VP, Operations & Sales
Frank LeCates
VP, Operations & Sales
Christie Schutz, ABA Curriculum Dev.
Christie Schutz
ABA Curriculum Dev.
David Gonzalez, Art & Animation
David Gonzalez
Art & Animation
Brian  S. Friedlander,  Ph.D., Assistive Technology Advisor
Brian S. Friedlander
Assistive Technology Advisor
Megan Horsley,  SVP Success Coordinator
Megan Horsley
SVP Success Coordinator

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