Social Emotional Learning:

Six Feet or Six Miles Apart

Research-Based SEL Curriculum and Simulation Software
for Special Education, General Education & Transition Aged Students.

Enhanced by Microsoft Learning Tools!

Why SiLAS?

Evolution of SEL

  • Incorporates CASEL's 5 Social Competencies
  • Meets State and Federal Mandates for SEL
  • Aligns with MTSS Framework
  • Research

  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Proven Effective on All Student Levels
  • Putting Answers Into Action
  • Breakthrough Technology

  • Distance Learning Multiplayer Capabilities
  • Modeling Social Skills Using Avatars
  • Real-Time Animation
  • Microsoft + SiLAS

    Immersive Reader

    • Immersive allows ALL students to fully engage in their social & emotional learning
    • Built in accommodations to support individual learning needs
    • Available in 60 languages to support students (and parents) who speak English as their second language

    Microsoft TEAMS

    • Virtual Learning made collaborative
    • Promotes students understanding of effective and appropriate communication through the use of technology
    • Bolsters participation during remote learning sessions
    Improve your students' outcomes. Ready to see how?
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    See SiLAS in Action

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