Measure each students abilities with this CASEL-aligned, quick to administer online screener.


Screen with SILAS
before you teach

The SILAS SEL Screener has many unique functions that help assess students' abilities prior to a teacher intervening. With these SILAS features, your Social Emotional Learning lessons are sure to be successful!
Data Segmentation
Teacher can use the data most relevant to that student
Allows for input from parents/guardians and students who are ELL
Historical Data
Screener information travels with students from year to year

K-8 SEL Screener

SILAS offers practitioners an easy to administer online screener that uses simulated life and school situations for accurate answers
Age-appropriate design and questions to support learners of all ages
Multi-Stakeholder Input
Data collected from all stakeholders allowing for the most accurate results
Prescribed interventions
For an individual student, class, school and/or district

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