SiLAS March Newsletter

Something to think about…
“Change your thoughts, change your world.”
–  Norman Vincent Peale

Spring is on the horizon! The sun can certainly change your thinking. Enjoy the nice days when they arrive and count your blessings on those days the sun doesn’t shine. With just our thought, we can retrain our brain! It is up to us to decide if we will increase the joy or feed the moody! JOY is much more fun.

Software and Curriculum Updates

Our Foundational Curriculum is almost complete! Like the basic level, the Table of Contents has been removed. The lesson and independent student activities are located directly underneath the lesson introduction. We have even added a link to the Pre and Post tests right in the lesson. The Foundational level is designed for students in grades 3-5 or those who have some exposure to the skill being covered. The content is written with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind. The questions and responses require a higher level of thinking when compared to the Basic lessons. Students are asked to apply and analyze the material presented during the traditional teaching portion. Quick tip; use knowledge application as an evaluation criteria when scoring animations.

Global SEL Day

March 26th marks the second annual Social Emotional Learning day! We know how vital social emotional learning is in shaping our lives. Unfortunately, there is a huge population of people who don’t! The Urban Assembly and SEL4US decided to change the narrative on mental health and social emotional well-being. Bringing to light research and outcomes is the best way to spread the news. How will you celebrate SEL Day? Ready to join the movement? Check out this link for ideas and to signup and help SEL become a priority!

Spring Training 2021

This year, it isn’t just the baseball players who have been “off the field” all winter.  With school schedules changing quicker than a Nolan Ryan fastball, SiLAS understands that you may be in need of a quick tutorial or a deeper dive into understanding how our curriculum can be applied to students’ issues about re-entering school, their diminished social skills and coping in general.  We are offering training to you individually or as a school at no cost, simply contact to schedule a time.

Rewards & Recognition
Garden State Film Festival 

Chris Dudick, CEO SiLAS, was named “2021 Educator of the Year” by the Garden State Film Festival for SiLAS’ use of animated film in education.  Chris and the team at SiLAS gratefully share this award with you, our fellow educators and congratulate your students, for making their first award winning films.

“The best success, for me, is not one trophy. It’s not harmony. It’s when players improve and grow- Unai Emer

Garden State Film Festival Podcast with Chris Dudick and Bernadette Mullen

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