Lets Talk About Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is one of the most important social emotional skills a person can acquire. Resolving conflict effectively is a necessary at any age and any setting in life. For many students, conflict resolution is difficult to master. Often, when a conflict arises, students exhibit disruptive behavior that would remove them from the situation and lose the opportunity to work through the conflict. Below are just a few items to think about when teaching conflict resolution.

  • Continue helping students recognize others’ emotions. Social cues and body language provide students with clues on what may be upsetting to the other person/people in the situation.

  • Remind the student to use a coping skill previously discussed and practiced. Coping strategies will help the student remain calm and in control of their actions.

  • Measure the problem! Sometimes we can make a problem much larger than it really is. Work with students to measure the size of the problem. Provide examples of small, medium and large problems. When faced with a conflict, remind the student how different the size of the problem can be!

CASEL Competency: Responsible Decision Making

The ability for one to make positive behavior choices and form productive interpersonal relationships with others. A person’s decision based on morals, social norms and safety concerns. Understanding the consequences of one’s actions and how it affects the well-being of others.

SiLAS Responsible Decision Making Lessons:

  • Integrity

  • Problem Solving

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Disagreeing

  • Saying “No”

  • Dealing with Peer Pressure

  • Handling a Bully

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