eLearning SiLAS Lesson Template

SiLAS would like to share the list of lessons below that may be helpful to you and your students during this unique educational situation. Each lesson in our library includes a parent component as well as the capability to be implemented virtually through eLearning. 

  1. Identifying Anxiety
  2. What Makes Me Anxious
  3. Coping Skills
  4. Asking Good Questions
  5. Personal Space
  6. Identifying Facial Expressions

Many schools today have learning platforms where teachers upload assignments, resources and self prerecorded lessons. Below is a step by step procedure to create an effective SEL lesson using the SiLAS curriculum. Much like all of our material, the outlined process is an optional tool to use while nontraditional instruction is necessary.


(Click image to download)

We are here to help! Knowing eLearning may be a new concept to many schools and districts, the SiLAS team is making extra efforts to be as available as possible to ALL our users. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas!