SILAS User Spotlight – Tiffany Summersett

This months Teacher spotlight is on Tiffany Summersett, a social worker at The Washington Community School in the Plainfield Public School District. Tiffany is one of many outstanding Social Workers and Practitioners in the district and we are excited to share her story.

Tiffany used SILAS for a general education 4th grade presentation for Ms. Tiffany Wingate’s classroom. She had the 4th graders learn about the topic of Conflict Resolution and then create social animations.

  • What brought you to use SILAS/What problems does SILAS help you solve?  4th grade series on Conflict Resolution 
  • How do your students/clients feel about SILAS? The students love using SILAS
  • What component of the curriculum is your favorite? Allowing the students to make their social animations. 
  • What has been your favorite SILAS story or experience?  Watching the students show their creativity through their demonstrations. 
  • What advice might you share with a teacher considering using SILAS in their classroom or with clients? Everything is outlined in the program, and allow your students to be themselves. 

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